Keishi Tours - Our Lagoon Tours

  • Private Motu Picnic

The Motu Picnic is an activity for couples looking for the perfect romantic day,

for families wanting to spend a fun filled day together that all ages will


enjoy, or for a group of friends looking for an exclusive day they will remember forever. 

Your day begins at 10:00 am when you are picked up at your hotel in one of our outrigger boats and ends at 3:30 pm. During this fantastic circle island tour, activities include shark feeding, sting ray feeding, and snorkeling at a beautiful coral garden. 

The picnic part of the day takes place on one of the many small islands or “motu” surrounding the lagoon. You sit under an umbrella at a table in the water as your lunch is cooked by your guide on a charcoal barbeque.

Lunch includes salad, poisson cru, lobster, shrimp, steak, fresh local fish, and fresh fruit for desert.

Drinks include champagne, beer, various soft drinks, fruit juice, and water.


  • Private Half-Day Circle Island Tour

Présentation_KT.jpgThe Half-Day tour was designed for couples, families, or groups looking for the exclusivity of a private island tour, but may not be interested in or have the time for a full day Private Motu Picnic.

The Half-Day tour begins at 9:00 am and ends at12 noon. If you prefer an afternoon tour, departure from the hotel is at 1:00 pm return at 4:00 pm. Similar to the motu picnic, you are picked up at your hotel in one of our outrigger boats. As you make your way around the main island in the lagoon, your guide will stop at a few areas for the much anticipated activities.




  •  Bora Bora Lagoon Cruises

The Bora Bora Lagoon Cruise is a shared half day (3 hours) excursion spent exploring the magnificent blue lagoon of Bora Bora. Especially for our cruise ship guests, we meet you on the main dock in Vaitape where your ship’s tender boat docks. Share the day with a group of new friends as you get up close and personal with marine life. Activities include shark feeding, sting ray feeding, and snorkeling at a coral garden. Enjoy refreshments of fresh locally grown fruits and water as you complete a circle island tour on motorized outrigger canoe. 

Keishi Tour - Bora BoraThe largest group in a single boat we are able to accommodate is 12 people. Larger groups can reserve multiple boats.

Reservations are generally not accepted on Sundays, however, if you have a scheduling conflict or this is an especially significant day, please contact us anyway as exceptions are often made.